Satirical Musings

Satirical Musings Are Fun.

Since the editorial staff at Articulate Madness isn’t convinced that the majority of the population understand what the term “satire” is, this is a disclaimer – IT’S SATIRE.

Once upon a time in the land of satire there was a legend.  It wasn’t for comic interpretation either.  Can’t remember exactly what the hell it was for  or whether or not the bag of sour Skittles passed around at the Xmas party has clouded that memory.  Or maybe I absolutely have no life and am intentionally trying to get the Colorblind Association of America riled up so we can duke it out on Jerry Springer.

Here at Articulate Madness satire is just as critical and entertaining as serving an Ex-Lax sheet cake for a wedding reception.  That, or being in the Matrix and Morpheus offers either the Red or Blue pill and you go with Yellow.  It should offend and rightly so by definition; the best compliment we’ve ever gotten is offending a well-known discount bus outfit that threatened to sue all parties laughing about spoofing their lack of quality service on display.  Proudest day of Articulate Madness satirical life.  

We’re constantly amazed that the things we choose to muse upon are often not as comical as the real-life shenanigans that inspired the piece to begin with.  It’s more than a notion sometimes to compete with the absolute idiocracy that passes for news these days.  That includes, but is not limited to, everything.  All spoofs are created equal.

Some weeks are better than others for inspirational ‘material’.