Flicking The Bic

Author: Tia Ja'nae
Label: A8M Press
Release Date: 1-6-2024
Genres: Canadian Fiction, Chicago Fiction, Featured Books

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About The Book

Tia Ja’nae’s uncensored exploration of Vernon Smith’s most beloved villain from the award winning novel Scratching The Flint…

Jean-Max Renaldo was always a proud Quebecer. A much feared criminal, he met an untimely death at the pinnacle of his criminal success. After his death a manuscript detailing his most intimate confessions of the trials and tribulations growing one of the most untouchable and  feared enterprises in Toronto, a city he despised incessantly for its Anglophone influences. For the first time since his death, his trials and tribulations in the criminal underworld are revealed as only Jean-Max could tell them.