Ghosts On The Block Never Sleep

Author: Tia Ja'nae
Label: A8M Press
Release Date: 1-6-2024
Genres: Chicago Fiction, Featured Books

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About The Book

Tia Ja’nae’s debut novel banned by Amazon returs…

Ghosts On The Block Never Sleep tells the story of an unnamed protagonist known by many names for many different reasons in the streets of Chicago.  She’s always been used to dirty work.  A short run career as an industry butcher helped with that.  But those times are long in her past.  In the present Slice lives with Grams and makes ends meet as a freelance car parts thief for The Arab, the biggest fence on the east side of Chicago.

Most times it’s just a score that never pays enough to help Grams out with rent.  But it’s steady work she’s good at that keeps their heads above water.  When The Arab gets in a bind and asks her to do a heist that he’s willing to pay for, she seizes the opportunity to get her paper straight once and for all.  When the score goes tits up and she has to pull off a miracle to save her payday, she finds herself with a promotion she didn’t ask for working for Alderwoman Monica “Hambone” Davis, who refuses to let her or her butcher block skills walk away and never takes no for an answer.