• Who do I contact about arranging an author event or book signing?
    Send your request to Maurice “Mo” King, Sr., Communications Director, at
  • I am a book reviewer, member of the media, influencer, etc.; how do I request a review copy of a book?
    You cannot. We do not give review copies, accept blurbs, nor send out ARCs.
  • I am a retailer looking for information on placing a wholesale order or setting up an account.
    A8M Press is exclusively distributed overseas (outside of the United States)/ For sales queries, please contact
  • I have a question about film/television, dramatic, reproduction, or foreign rights for one of your books. How can I get more information?
    Please contact our Subrights Department at
  • How can I get permission to use a part of a book (or book cover) for a project I’m working on?
    We currently are not allowing usage of our works in such manner.
  • How can I request an examination or desk copy of a A8M Press/CamelToe Press title?
    You cannot. We are not currently giving copies for university curriculum.
  • I found a typo in one of your books. Who do I contact
    Thank you for reading so closely and bringing your concerns to our attention! If you can please share your observations in an email to and we will have any errors corrected in future editions. Please be sure to include:

    • Title, author and ISBN
    • Page or location numbers where error was found
  • I am an author seeking a publisher. Do you accept submissions from un-agented writers? How can I submit my manuscript?
    You can find more information and submission guidelines HERE.
  • What kinds of books does Kensington publish?
    We publish a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, specifically dealing with noir, erotica, science-fiction, sex exploitation, Black Exploitation, White Exploitation, and other non-commercial genres.
  • How can I contact one of the authors you publish?
    We are not able to provide mailing addresses, emails, or phone numbers for any of our authors. However, many authors provide contact information on their own websites, which you can find by searching online. We also link to many of the authors’ individual websites within their bios, which can be browsed by clicking “Authors” in the navigation menu on this site.
  • How can I get the audiobook edition of a A8M Press/CamelToe Press book?
    A8M Press produces audiobooks, and make our titles available through our streaming distributors when applicable.